Quality Policy

that is formed on the purpose of; collaboration of all employees for quality responsibilities , satisfaction of all sharers by meeting their demands, presenting the most excellent products and post-sale service on time with affordable prices and exceeding the expectations, requires the main items below;


  • Enhancing the life-comfort by healing the patient with disciplinary quality, technology and precise hygiene applications,

  • Presenting not only product but also safety and quality by prioritizing the product safety and quality constituents,

  • Applying the all issues required by national and international laws and regulations in whole processes,

  • Producing the identified product in same quality any time by maintaining the effectiveness of the quality management system,

  • Being pioneer company which brings innovations to the country by following the sector and technological developments,

  • Being a company which produces products that popularise the healing patients and the operations for physicians with advanced technological designs.

EC-Certificate (CE 573492)

DIN EN ISO 13485 : 2012 (MD 573489)

kalite politikamiz

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