To be a TFI member, it is enough just to be a dentist or to be in the sector of dentistry. The first year of the membership is free of charge thanks to the sponsorship of NucleOSS®.

What are the benefits of being a TFI member to an academician dentist?

benefiting from scientific conferences and meetings;

taking part as a speaker in the conferences and congresses held by TFI in the fields that they are specialized in or have knowledge of;

being able to carry out the studies for an intended implant treatment by benefiting from the opportunities of an accredited laboratory which is rarely found under current conditions of Turkey;

taking financial support for attending national and international conferences with a poster and paper presentations as a result of the evaluation by the TFI Scientific Board.

What are the benefits of being a TFI member to a clinician dentist?

having an idea about the practices of other dentists; and to add some new practices that they find practical and beneficial to their existing practices;

getting free access to a Turkish bulletin that is prepared at certain time intervals, and includes abstracts of international scientific articles;

benefiting from a scientific congress to be held in Istanbul annually; and

benefiting from regional scientific activities such as congresses, courses, panels, meetings, and etc.

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