What is TFI?
TFI is a platform where clinicians doing dental implants, researchers interested in dental implant practices and firms willing to work in this field can share their scientific, clinical and sector information, and thereby they can get different point of views in the field.

TFI is the abbreviation of “Together for Implantology”. The reason for choosing an English name is the aim to be a global name in the field.

What’s the aim of founding TFI?
TFI aims to create a platform where dentists can share their ideas, studies and information on the implant within an ethical framework; and thus to make contribution to development of the implantology field. 

How is organizational of the TFI structured?
TFI is an organization founded wıth the support of NucleOSS.It’s operation and practices are governed by the Scientific Board consist of a chairman and five members.Prof.Dr.Kemal Ünsal is the Chairman of TFI Scientific Board.

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