Environment Policy

As NucleOSS we are aware that the greatest inheritance we will pass on to the future generations is a habitable nature and environment. In order to increase both our production processes and awareness of our employees, NucleOSS determines its environmental policies and conveys the relevant corporate culture to its employees and suppliers through various trainings. For “A Bright Smile” in the future approach, we continue to work continuously for a clean and livable environment.

  • To bring environmental awareness to a life philosophy by giving environmental trainings to all employees from top management to the lowest unit,
  • Considering environmental issues in all investment and procurement decisions,
  • Reducing waste at the source, recovering as much waste as possible, ensuring that non-recyclable wastes are disposed of with the most appropriate technologies, without harming the environment,
  • To continue our activities as a company that attaches importance to environmental awareness through efforts to reduce energy use,
  • Reduce the amount of carbon emission by investing in new technology vehicles,
  • Use alternative transport ways which are less harmful to nature,
  • To continue its activities with a sustainable development approach and to leave a livable world to future generations.

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