Dental implant is generally defined as artificial root, which is produced from titanium material compatible with human biology and placed in the jaw bone instead of tooth root. It is used in the treatment of all kinds of tooth loss. After implanting the osseointegration process, the implant placed in the bone is attached to the implant by screw or cemented method. Lack of teeth is a condition that prevents the person from speaking and laughing, causing him to lose self-confidence. The dental implant eliminates one’s speech, eating difficulties and restores a beautiful smile which is the beginning of communication in social life.


It is in natural tooth form. They are indistinguishable from your own teeth.


They are superior in terms of aesthetics and durability.


It saves you from the necessity and difficulty of using a removable prosthesis, it helps people who use a removable prosthesis to restore their self-confidence.


Implant helps to reduce bone resorption.

It eliminates the necessity of abrading natural teeth and bridge restorations.

Since it supports gingiva and bone, gives a more natural and aesthetic result than the bridge prostheses.

Thanks to the implant, a healthier and balanced dietary is provided.