Implant Care

Inflammation around the implant is inevitable as a result of improper cleaning of the implant site with a brush. Uncontrolled inflammation may cause you to lose your implant in a short time. Therefore, the area where the implant meets the gum and the gaps between adjacent teeth should be cleaned carefully. Use floss and interface brush in addition to the normal toothbrush.

Oral Care After Surgical Operation

  • First Hour; Inserted tampons should be kept in the mouth. May be discarded if bleeding does not persist. If it continues, the tampon should be changed every hour. If bleeding continues after 6 hours, consult your physician. The best procedure to prevent bleeding is to apply pressurize the wound with the tampons.
  • First two hours; do not eat or drink anything.
  • First 48-72 hours; do not consume drinks, extreme hot and cold food. Room tempature and soft foods are permitted. Do not consume acidic, alcoholic drinks and spicy foods.
  • Inflation may occur in the operation area. On the first day, apply cold compresses or ice over the operation site (3 minutes applying, 2 minutes not applying). Always wrap the ice or frozen gel with a clean cloth or paper tower when applying.
  • First Week: Do not smoke.
  • Take the medications prescribed by your doctor as described and on time.
  • Do not use other medicines without your doctor’s knowledge.
  • If the patient has diabetes (diabetes), he / she should continue to eat carefully and regularly according to the advice of his / her doctor.
  • You can apply normal brushing to non-operated areas.
  • You can brush the teeth in the operation area without touching the stitches and gums according to the physician’s advice.
  • Approximately two days after the operation, gargling with the mouthwash recommended by your dentist twice a day morning and evening after brushing your teeth.
  • Do not force your mouth to see the operation area, avoid touching with your tongue or finger.
  • Have your sutures removed at the end of the time recommended by your doctor (7-10 days). Your doctor will make an appointment and follow you up depending on your oral and healing speed. Pay attention to go to your physician’s appointment.
  • Be careful not to use the operation area while eating, eat soft foods one day after surgery.
  • Do not walk around in hot weather, avoid sun, sit too close to heat sources such as stove heater and do not shower with hot water on your face.
  • Especially if you have had an operation involving the maxilla, do not bend your head too down and avoid violent blowing.

Oral Care After Prosthesis

  • In removable prosthesis; Remove the prosthesis and clean the inside with a normal soft brush.
  • Clean all parts that appear in the mouth with the help of a normal brush, interface brush and floss.
  • In fixed prosthesis, the area between the gum and the denture should be cleaned with an interface brush.
  • The implant area of fixed prosthesis should be cleaned with dental floss or with improved cleaning aids.
  • Your dentist will give you more detailed information about the cleanliness of your prosthesis.
  • Clean the bacteria on the tongue and palate with a toothbrush, tongue cleanser and mouthwash.
  • Visit your dentist at least once a year for dental calculus cleaning.
  • Do not forget to be examined in the period determined by your physician.