Dental implants can be made to any individual who has a good general state of health, who has completed maturity and who is suitable for implant treatment by a physician.

In Which Conditions Is Implant Treatment Dependent On the Diagnosis of the Physician?

  • In chronic diabetes patients,
  • Pregnant,
  • In young individuals whose bone development is not yet completed,
  • In people with excessive cigarette consumption,
  • Those with alcohol and drug addiction,
  • In patients with immune system deficiency,

Implant application may be risky in patients with chronic conditions such as hemophilia and high blood pressure, so strictly follow the advice of your physician.

Is There Any Harm?

NucleOSS implants are produced from pure titanium, which has the best biocompatibility with the human body. It has been determined that implants, which have been applied correctly and regularly maintained by the user, have achieved a success rate of 98% up to now.

As with all surgical operations, there are potential risks. Your doctor will make the healthiest and right decision for you.

How Long is Implant Life?

Implants are also associated with bone and gums like real teeth and roots. Without proper oral care, inflammation that can be seen around the teeth may also occur between the implant and the gum. Therefore, implants can be used for a long time with proper oral care and regular check-ups.

Today, there are still patients carrying the implants made 30 years ago.

How to Apply – What is the Healing Process?

It is a painless operation and local anesthesia method is usually applied.

The dental implant is placed in the grove opened in the jaw bone within certain rules.