T3 | Tissue Level Implant

Nucleoss T3 Tissue Level Implant

T3 tissue level implant designed with modern and aesthetic details; provides a comfortable surgical process the physician and the patient with a safe surgical protocol.

It offers economic solutions with its wide prothesis range as well as practical applications.

The design features of TPure are as follows:

1. Angled screw-abutment mating surface prevents screw loosening. 2M screw should be tightened with 30 Ncm.

2. Polished neck

3. Conical surface (40 °): Provides even distribution of both lateral and axial forces along the implant body. Furthermore minimizes the abutment micro movement under lateral forces.

4. Strong side walls

5. Micro threads

6. Doublde thread and reverse buttress form provide faster and easy loading.

7. Conical design towards the apical

8. Self cutting threads

9. Reservoir fort he bone remnants during insertion

Nucleoss T3 Tissue Level Implant

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