T6 | Gingiva Formers

H: 2.0-4.0-6.0

NucleOSS gingiva formers are designed in different forms and sizes to get the gums in the most correct shape during the healing process. NucleOSS offers two different forms of healing according to Dentist preference.

• Cylindrical form; provides a cylindrical soft tissue emergence profile that is corresponding to the diameter of abutment platform.

• Platform switch; provides an emergence profile that is compatible with the anatomy of the selected abutment.

Plan the superstructure abutment prosthetic platform diameter, gum height and form in advance, and determine the gingiva former accordingly. It is recommended to use gingiva formers and cement retained superstructures according to the gingival fit given in the table. Universal TiBase gingiva former options, which are among the personalized solutions, can be used as gum shapers. TiBase gingiva formers offer users options with two different gingival heights.

Healing caps have a color code indicating the implant diameter inserted. It is made of titanium Gr5 material. It is attached and removed using the Hex key. Cover and healing caps are compatible with all implant diameters.

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