T6 Standard | Surgical Set 

The T6 surgical set is designed to offer safe and easy surgery. T6 Surgical set consists of two parts, the moving middle shelf where the surgical center drills and hex drivers and the lower section where the torque racket and other hand tools are placed. Surgical set consists of drills, parallel pins, neck expanders, groovers, hex keys and hand tools. Surgical drills are made of high-quality stainless steel, after being processed using sharpening techniques, they have a long-lasting cut. With its compact and convenient design, it can be sterilized in one piece in clinical autoclaves without having to remove the parts from the box. Thanks to the flat and embedded type of silicon that holds the surgical parts, dirt-residue does not hold and is easily cleaned. Information on all part descriptions, intended use and methods are included in the T6 surgical manual.

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