TPure | Bone Level Implant

NucleOSS Tpure Kemik Seviyesi İmplant

Providing perfect harmony with its smart and simlified design, TPure bone level implant offers safe, economic and esthetic solutions by its rich abutment options along with the practical application opportunity. Tpure bone level implant is offered with cover screw, standard abutment, metric screw and impression cap in the same packaging. The standard abutment in its sterile packaging has three different prosthetic platform diameters, in proportion to the diameter of the implant body it carries. The measuring pocket in the same packaging is also compatible with this platform diameter. TPure bone level implant is carefully designed with the aesthetic design and practical use in order to provide the comfort of treatment for our doctors and patients. The design features of TPure are as follows:

  1. Angled screw-abutment mating surface prevents screw loosening. 2M Screw must be tightened by 30 Ncm.
  2. Platform switch
  3. Conical surface (40 °): It provides the forces (side / upright) coming to the abutment to be distributed equally throughout the body. It also prevents abutment micro motion in the side forces.
  4. Strong side walls
  5. Micro threads
  6. Double Thread and reverse buttress form provides faster and easy loading. Increases contact area between bone and implant.
  7. Reservoir for the bone remnants during insertion
  8. Self cutting threads
  9. Conical design towards apical
Nucleoss Tpure Bone Level Implant

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