T6 | Multi Unit Straight Abutment

Nucleoss T6 Standard Bone Level Implant Multi Unit Straight Hex Abutment

Multi unit straight abutments, which are preferred in multiple and single tooth prosthesis treatments, provide accurate and permanent solutions to users with different platform diameters, gingival heights and hex and no-hex options. Please keep in mind that straight multi unit abutments do not have a hex index at implant connection level. Therefore it is not advisable to remove them from the patients mouth during try in sessions for single restorations. Suggested method for straight multi unit abutments is to make the impression following final tightening in patients mouth. They are made out of Gr5 Titanium material. Straight MU abutments are packed with a no hex burn out coping (white), double occlusal screws (one to be used by the laboratory).

Nucleoss T6 Standard Multi Unit Straight Abutment

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