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The NucleOSS Dental Implant Brand was created in 2005 by Salih Şanlı, the founder and owner of Şanlılar Medical Devices LTD, with 100% equity and continues to produce with the pride of being local today.

NucleOSS, which is audited by internationally accredited organizations, has EC, FDA and ISO 13485 Quality certificates that must be obtained in the Dental Implant Sector. In addition, it is the only Turkish Implant Manufacturer to receive a Clean Surface certificate by the Clean Implant Foundation, an independent organization in terms of surface cleaning.

NucleOSS brand is exported to 27 countries.

It provides service with its sales and service network through dealerships of the NucleOSS brand at 16 different points in the country and regional dealerships abroad.

You can reach all the information you request about the NucleOSS brand by e-mail address or by calling +90(232) 799 0304.

NucleOSS provides sales and service through its dealers to provide a fast and wide service network. There is no direct sale. Regional dealer contact information can be found at

NucleOSS had a product range that could meet all the indications needed in the field of dental implants, especially Bone Level, Tissue Level and Mono Block. You can find more detailed information about our products by visiting the products section of our website.

NucleOSS Simante offers all the superstructure options needed for Screwed, Personalized and Removable Prosthesis solutions to the use of physicians. You can find more detailed information about the superstructure options on our website:

The T6 torQ implant, a member of the NucleOSS T6 implant family, is designed to provide the high primary stability needed in immediate (immediate and early) loading. For detailed information:

In removable prosthesis treatments, NucleOSS T1 monoblock 3mm implant diameter and 8mm to 14mm length options can be preferred. For detailed information:

NucleOSS responds to the needs of users with the 3mm diameter SlimEX implant to be used in areas with low horizontal bone thickness where standard implants remain wide.

In addition to user-friendly surgical sets that can meet the needs of our physicians in the surgical and prosthetic stages of all implant models, there are FixON4 application set, Guide Set to assist in correct implant positioning, broken screw removal set to assist in the removal of broken screws, and prosthesis planning auxiliary sets for prosthesis planning. For more detailed information:

A dental implant is generally defined as an artificial root made of titanium material compatible with human biology and placed in the jawbone instead of the tooth root. It is used in the treatment of all kinds of tooth loss. After the implant placed in the bone fuses with the bone, the porcelain teeth are attached to the implant by screw or bonding method.

The dental implant is placed in the slot that opens to the jawbone within certain rules. It is a painless operation that generally uses local anesthesia. You can find more descriptive and detailed information by watching the application videos. Implant surgery application video: Prosthesis application video:

Full dentures used in completely edentulous mouths can cause osteoporosis and make chewing difficult. It also causes pain as a result of pressure on your palate. Implant-supported removable/fixed prostheses, on the other hand, provide a more effective and more functional chewing movement, providing a comfortable and trouble-free solution. In these cases, you can apply for removable and fixed prosthesis solutions.

Dental implants can be applied to any individual who is in good general health, has completed puberty, and is suitable for implant treatment by the physician.

In chronic diabetes patients, in pregnant women, In young individuals whose bone development has not yet been completed, In people who consume excessive amounts of cigarettes, Those with alcohol and drug addiction, In patients with immune system deficiency, In patients with chronic diseases such as hemophilia and high blood pressure, Implant application can be risky, so follow your doctor's advice absolutely.

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