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The dental implant is placed in the slot that opens to the jawbone within certain rules. It is a painless operation that generally uses local anesthesia. You can find more descriptive and detailed information by watching the application videos. Implant surgery application video: Prosthesis application video:

Full dentures used in completely edentulous mouths can cause osteoporosis and make chewing difficult. It also causes pain as a result of pressure on your palate. Implant-supported removable/fixed prostheses, on the other hand, provide a more effective and more functional chewing movement, providing a comfortable and trouble-free solution. In these cases, you can apply for removable and fixed prosthesis solutions.

Dental implants can be applied to any individual who is in good general health, has completed puberty, and is suitable for implant treatment by the physician.

In chronic diabetes patients, in pregnant women, In young individuals whose bone development has not yet been completed, In people who consume excessive amounts of cigarettes, Those with alcohol and drug addiction, In patients with immune system deficiency, In patients with chronic diseases such as hemophilia and high blood pressure, Implant application can be risky, so follow your doctor's advice absolutely.

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